Insolate - FLARE EP



12" Vinyl UK

Suara / Suara349

Front View : Insolate - FLARE EP - Suara / Suara349
Back View : Insolate - FLARE EP - Suara / Suara349

New Suara with Croatias finest techno producer, Insolate !

The Suara whirlwind whips its way back through town once again, this time with one of Croatia’s finest techno producers, Insolate causing the storm. Three expertly executed and explosive techno workouts with standout remixes from Jay Clarke and Distant Echoes.

‘Flare’ opens up the A side with an incessant powerplay that bases itself around a relentless siren and rapid-fire bass with ethereal sweeps that blend through the mix. It’s a no-nonsense weapon that causes a stir from beginning to end. Next, ‘Barking Up The Wrong Tree’ keeps the energy at fever pitch with an unstoppable series of synth zaps that fuse a ferocity into the track. Cutting hats backed by big room tuned kicks make this a pulsating stomper.

Jay Clarke rounds off the A side with a thumping drum workout remix of ‘Barking Up The Wrong Tree’. Slick programming comprising of uncompromising toms and hardy hats mix with dystopian screeches and synths making this a fierce, trance-inducing groove destined to move bodies.

Flip it over to find ‘Freedom From Disturbance’ where percussive and acid-laden synth sequences meld with swelling top lines that add an air of unceasing suspense to the track. Closing out the EP Distant Echoes lets loose an extra-terrestrial version of ‘Freedom From Disturbance’, filled to the breaking point with mind bending electrical static sounds that combine with panning spectral echoes and those filtered acid lines. [info from Label]
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