Museum - SANDRA



12" Vinyl BE

Indigo Aera / AERA023

Front View : Museum - SANDRA - Indigo Aera / AERA023
Back View : Museum - SANDRA - Indigo Aera / AERA023

Support by Vince Watson, Lauren Garnier, Ben Sims, Clara Moto, cool release on INDIGO ÆRA

Museum and Indigo aera team up for an exciting new chapter in their story of melodic analogue techno. After being responsible for output on Marcel Dettmann's MDR, Drumcode and two earlier Indigo releases, the two Dutchmen now return with an EP made during a live studio jam session at the end of 2017. Since the files were mastered in summer, the tracks were sent out to a handful of befriended DJs and quickly became secret weapons for the lucky few. Now after a bit of a wait, Indigo aera is proud to finally give the EP a full vinyl release.

'Sandra' consists of four unique tracks that tell their own story and make strong references to early 90's Detroit techno greats like Jeff Mills or Hood's Metroplex work. Opener 'Plex' is a hard hitting affair that takes you deep down the rabbit hole, 'Sandra' has inventive rhythms and beautiful ambiance colouring the alien airwaves and 'Cafe' is a mind melting affair with layers of sci-fi keys and liquid synth lines. 'Sum' closes things down in warped dub techno fashion with a whole eco system of keys and synths bringing really fluidity to the track. As such this is a truly inventive, yet nostalgic collection of dance floor jams.


Vince Watson: Plex and Sum are the killers

Lauren Garnier: this is AWESOME ... BRILLIANT EP

Ben Sims: classy gear, been playing plex a while, love it. thx!

Clara Moto: Cool release!

Ambivalent: Plex is gorgeous and Cafe doesn't sound like anything out right now. Really special release.

Dan Curtin: what a trip, fantastic release!

Jonas Kopp: killer!
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