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Rockford Inc.


12" Vinyl D

flaneurecordings / FR008

Front View : Rockford Inc. - LEVYANA - flaneurecordings / FR008
Back View : Rockford Inc. - LEVYANA - flaneurecordings / FR008

Die neue flaneurecordings stammt von Rockford Inc. Seine erste Veröffentlichung erschien bei Jay Hazes Turning Spork Label. Später erschien eine weitere beim Hamburger Label Baalsaal auderdem gabs diverse Remixe für das Berliner Label Sonar Kollektiv.

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The new record from Flaneur Recordings comes from Rockford Inc. His first release came out on Jay Haze's Turning Spork to later be followed up with another one on Hamburg label, "Baalsaal" along with diverse remixes for the Berlin's "Sonar Kollektiv". Here, he brings us a 3 Track Ep with a long, deep a-side, the track spreads over 11 minutes, always changing while keeping the foundations strong. He B-side brings us, "Why not a Piano", a classic call to the dancefloor deephouse number. The EP finishes off with the b2, a drum 'n bass oriented track with New York born singer Desney Bailey. [txt from ]
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