The Off Key Hat - SHOT AT DAWN

The Off Key Hat


12" Vinyl UK

Hobbes Music / HM010

Front View : The Off Key Hat - SHOT AT DAWN - Hobbes Music / HM010
Back View : The Off Key Hat - SHOT AT DAWN - Hobbes Music / HM010

Shot At Dawn is a scintillating return for a band who have been collectively quiet (but individually busy) for a few years, and (once again) sounds like the music of tomorrow. Lyricist Leon Mayes wills the real revolution to come, Morris’s uneasy keys and driving, bittersweet production embodies the UK s collective anxiety/apathy coupled with an impending sense of doom, as we all obediently troop off the cliff like lemmings, while vocalist Michelle Manetti s melancholy delivery is the perfect foil both, recalling Tracey Thorn at her best.

It's a genuine wake-up call for the dance floor that's dropping well with club DJs but clearly has the potential to shine fully on radio. A2 track Warm Your Love is an equally forward-facing slice of sci-fi dance music sonically and already turbo-charging the dance floor with its futuristic feel.

The remixes come from Edinburgh/London duo Leonidas & Hobbes and are the first productions they've released since 2017's summer anthem and Release Of The Year, Web Of Intrigue (from their Rags of Time EP), as voted by some 400+ DJs on Bill Brewster's DJ History podcast back in January. Their Electro mixes doff a cap to Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yazoo) and Daft Punk/Thomas Bangalter, with some Compass Point era Grace Jones/Sly & Robbie thrown in for good measure on the electro dub, while the Deep House variations are more Pepe Braddock’s Deep Burnt meets Frankie Knuckles/Jamie Principle’s Your Love and Orbital… [info from ab]
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