ALPI - Cerulean Flow EP


Cerulean Flow EP

12" Vinyl D

Southern Lights / SL005

Front View : ALPI - Cerulean Flow EP - Southern Lights / SL005
Back View : ALPI - Cerulean Flow EP - Southern Lights / SL005

Introducing the fifth release on Southern Lights, dedicated to releasing hypnotic techno and electronic sounds. ALPI is the production duo of Gabriel Pivaro and Daniele Alessi. Together they present the ‘Cerulean Flow’ EP, a journey into introspective techno and resonant soundscapes. The A-side features ‘End of Matter’, exploring more contemplative structures while the Ground Loop remix provides both a dark and buoyant interpretation of the original. On the B-side, ‘Hidden River’ is opaque, dynamic techno, complete with heavy kicks and calculated pads. ‘Chant’ is an ambient passage that completes the introspective journey of the Cerulean Flow EP.

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