Perseus Traxx - SIMULACRA

Perseus Traxx


12" Vinyl UK

Distant Worlds / DWT 004

Front View : Perseus Traxx - SIMULACRA - Distant Worlds / DWT 004
Back View : Perseus Traxx - SIMULACRA - Distant Worlds / DWT 004

Following sterling entries from Derek Carr, John Shima and Mihail P, Distant Worlds reaches out to Perseus Traxx for a demonstration of the emotional heft and utopian optimism that classic techno promises in its most compelling moments. This is relatable, familiar territory, but executed with finesse beyond the reach of the average producer. A New Mystery is bathed in swirling synth tones as elegant as they are moving, while Simulacra places a bold square wave riff front and centre for an impactful deep techno meditation. Circumstantial reframes the same rich melodic approach in a frantic chassis of snapping beats darting around the grid with playful glee, and then The Map Is Not The Territory applies the same logic to a mystical but rhythmically charged trip into the netherworld of machine soul.

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