12" Vinyl NL

Saft / SAFT18

Front View : Dam-Funk - ARCHITECTURE II - Saft / SAFT18
Back View : Dam-Funk - ARCHITECTURE II - Saft / SAFT18

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DM-Funk has left his LA home for another DJ tour across the European continent. What better way to celebrate this than to release a follow-up record to the infamous Architecture release from 2016. Architecture II is an up-tempo, dreamlike journey through the sonic palette of the Los Angeles based producer. The 12 contains four tracks that are carefully crafted to co-exist on the same record.

'In The City' is a drum oriented breeder with a constantly evolving bass line, that supports the cheerful and breezy melodies.
'Best Weekend' is dripping with lush synthesizer tones and meaty drums. DaM-Funk knows how to set a hazy atmosphere, the conflicting tones of the sophomore effort are impressive. 'Best Weekend' is a must hear for lovers of the DF repertoire.
The B-side is opening up with the warm sounds of 'Bounce'. The artist's signature basslines thump away whilst a breezy chord and some exceptional FX work help to achieve a sense of lightness.
'Don't Give Up' is a work of challenging Piano riffs and splashy synthesizers that evolve through and sometimes come together in an abundance of modulation and joy. [info from tv]
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