Minimono - SOME DAY



12" Vinyl UK

Vibraphone / VIBR 019

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
After first appearing on the label back in 2016. Florence-based Italo house stalwarts Minimono return to Vibraphone with another selection of illustrious dancefloor gems for subtler moments in the dance. Oldest Friend is an airy. dreamlike track laden with upper register chords. tones and FX pinging around in a reverie of deep house delight. while Questions- gets locked into a loose. swinging groove with some mysterious pads swirling around the middle distance for added atmosphere. Some Day is a more rugged affair that bumps and wriggles in all the right places. while Eleven Days explores broken beat territory without losing the hazy atmosphere that permeates the EP.
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