Ferdinger - ABBILD



12" Vinyl NL

Life In Patterns / LIP002

Front View : Ferdinger - ABBILD (180G VINYL) - Life In Patterns / LIP002
Back View : Ferdinger - ABBILD (180G VINYL) - Life In Patterns / LIP002

Building on the mission statement that was Ferdinger’s debut album “Gelände”, comes “Abbild”, a 4 track EP and the second release on his Life In Patterns label. The tempos are tweaked up and the sounds are honed and angled for maximum effect. “Gegendämmerung” is straightforward but manages a lyrical tilt, while “Spiegelreflex” oscillates between moments of dry precision and epic dreaminess. With “Abglanz” the newly Paris based producer brings things back to the geological strata that characterized “Gelände” - but now with a rawer edge and more reflective surface. Glos’ remix of “Gegendämmerung” provides ambient and analogue textures, finishing the EP on a more introverted and melancholic note whilst maintaining the mechanistic drive of the other pieces.

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