Allfeelings - BIOTIC



12" Vinyl UK

Allfeelings Music / AF01

Front View : Allfeelings - BIOTIC (VINYL ONLY) - Allfeelings Music / AF01
Back View : Allfeelings - BIOTIC (VINYL ONLY) - Allfeelings Music / AF01

BIOTIC is our first release on ALLFEELINGS MUSIC, a label focused on emotive dance music. All releases will be available exclusively on vinyl. AF01 is the first self release from London based DJ and Producer ALLFEELINGS. This is a 2 track DJ tool release very reminiscent of Detroit Techno. You can hear crisp and warm sounds alongside Jazz and Funk influenced rhythms. The A side soundtracks a big city during rush hour while the B Side pulls you in with deep synths and percussion. This release has the support from Mark Broom. 300 copies / Vinyl Only

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