2x12" Vinyl UK

Organic Analogue / OA 008

Front View : HVL - OSTATI (2LP) - Organic Analogue / OA 008
Back View : HVL - OSTATI (2LP) - Organic Analogue / OA 008

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After releasing HVL s Away From Everything We Know 12inch back in 2015, Organic Analogue welcome the Georgian producer back to present his long-awaited debut album. As a resident of the much-vaunted club BASSIANI, HVL conceived Ostati as a document of the sound of Tbilisi - centred on warm, outboard house and techno but with a noticeably understated mood. The club tracks take a pared down approach that favours space and meditation over bold brush strokes, but between the teeth-gnashing bite of -Askinkila- or the rough and ready acid workout -Continuum,- the sound is gutsy and dripping with character. Ostati spells out a space where dim lights and mysterious corners provide a playground for wild ideas to dart around in the dark. The overall atmosphere may appear subdued, but it s merely a cover for the fiery spirit lurking underneath.

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