Ethyene - STATIC EP



12" Vinyl FR

Wool Fabric International / WFAB001

Front View : Ethyene - STATIC EP - Wool Fabric International / WFAB001
Back View : Ethyene - STATIC EP - Wool Fabric International / WFAB001

New EP from Ethyène showcasing a raising maturity in his discography. Drawing samples from library music, dub, soul and R&B, this record delivers everything House Music has to, deepness, groove, love and sincerity. No need to say that by launching a new imprint Ethyène decided to show a different side from his previous work. We can definitely feel it from the first second the record starts, with Static, mashing up samples from 80 s dub music and west-coast funk to finally sound as a surprising modernized classic house anthem. The second track of the record Enove Lough features a deconstructed and mysterious Rhodes loop delivering a smart groove until a delightful sexy vocal sample get in the mix to round off this deeper but easily danceable cut. The B-side of the record starts with Cape Town Mambo , a tune whose graceful horns loop keeps the listeners on an endless dreamy trip while its mid-tempo jazzy beat will have them hips sensually shaking without any doubt. The record has its consistency assured with ending on a 100 BPM powerful hip-hop beat with high-pitched and happy vocals as the Nirvana of this 4 tracks sensual and groovy journey.

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