Various Artists - FWKVA01 EP

Various Artists


12" Vinyl FR

Framework Recordings / FWKVA01

Front View : Various Artists - FWKVA01 EP - Framework Recordings / FWKVA01
Back View : Various Artists - FWKVA01 EP - Framework Recordings / FWKVA01

Framework Recordings is back with a very special, limited run vinyl EP that features five fantastic artists in Oliv, O’Hana, Blurred, Fred and Ground16, and deep house doesn’t come much finer. First up is the low key Oliv, part of the heady party collective Bedford Crew. His ‘Submarine Cruise’ is an effortlessly atmospheric dub house track. Sandy shakers, balmy pads and an astral lead synth line all ooze underground class. O’Hana is another emerging producer with an already well formed sound. His gorgeous ‘Lune’ is another prime bit of deep house with analogue kicks and hits, subtle vocal samples and cavernous pads that melt into the horizon. Blurred are a young Italian pair from labels like Lapsus, Safe Music and Hotfingers and keep up the cultured dub house vibe with more deeply enveloping grooves and dusty hits. The chords here are smeared in the background and sure to find favour with the more intimate dance floors out there. Then it’s to impressive new Swiss artist Fred for ‘MW.’ It’s deep and house-y again, but this time it drives forward on huge kicks, with acid lines and icy hi hats bringing the energy while yawning synths soften the edges. Closing out a tasteful package are Swiss pair Ground16 with ‘3rd Street.’ Cosmic in nature and with wide open pads, this house groove is another analogue beauty with warmth, smart vocal snippets and dreamscape pads. These are timeless deep house cuts that are deceptively simple and superbly executed.

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