Broccoli Brothers vs The Righteous Men - CATCH IT

Broccoli Brothers vs The Righteous Men


12" Vinyl UK

Fragrant Harbour / FGHB 005

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Image of the Record Back Side
Fragrant Harbour once again dig out a cult gem from the seemingly endless vaults of 90s dance music, picking up on a rare and precious gem from a seminal Laurent Garnier mix and giving it the remaster and reissue it deserves. The artists responsible, Broccoli Brothers vs Righteous Men, hailed from Germany and were trying to emulate Mike Dunn. -Catch It (Calm Manoeuvre)- is a spaced out deep house track with all the gritty impact of a classic jam, while -Catch It (Jam)- gets decidedly rowdy with its hefty kick, jacked up swing and wonky bassline. On the B side -Ruhrschnellweg (Last Exit Stahlhausen Mix)- brings a little Detroit flavour into the mix with spectacular, uplifting results.
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