Various Artists. - THE BROKE LIGHTER EP

Various Artists.


12" Vinyl US

Cryovac / cryo019

Front View : Various Artists. - THE BROKE LIGHTER EP - Cryovac  / cryo019
Back View : Various Artists. - THE BROKE LIGHTER EP - Cryovac  / cryo019

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Cryovac Recordings enters a new sensible era of home grown production focusing on strong statements of personal style. Cryovac stresses a minimal approach to basic production with a simple soul to shape a tale of sound. The Broke Lighter E.P. is a versatile mix of characters that come together and combine their visions into one vista. This shared space of consciousness is translated to vinyl for your inspection. Cryovac Recordings continues to shine light on every corner of the Detroit Underground to expose a depth of talent that is overlooked. The 19th edition of the Cryovac series is a moody stab at the heart of techno. It starts off with Disc Detroit s upliftingly melancholy 4/4 groover that transforms synth and turns percussion with a steady patience. Dutch Mike executes a smooth assault lead by a 303 harmony, backed by a heavy baseline and flanked by tricky programming that shifts cymbal formations. Vontell C. and his son Vontell F. sneak a dark vibe into the mix with a manic and excitable minimal ballad detuning and nodding out while detailing the burning of pretty things. Andy Garcia applies a minimalized Motown sound via strumming guitar, vintage vocals, and easy beat that rises and falls creating a serene phonic envirorment. Every track on the Broke Lighter is an opportunity to go in a new directio

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