Bon Voyage Organisation - JUNGLE ? QUELLE JUNGLE ?

Bon Voyage Organisation


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Sony / 19075811192

Front View : Bon Voyage Organisation - JUNGLE ? QUELLE JUNGLE ? (CD) - Sony / 19075811192
Back View : Bon Voyage Organisation - JUNGLE ? QUELLE JUNGLE ? (CD) - Sony / 19075811192

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There are some records that manage to sound both of a time and utterly timeless and Bon Voyage Organisation s Jungle? Quelle Jungle? (a nod to Supertramp s Crisis? What Crisis?) is one of those albums. Its silken-smooth production, irresistible grooves, funk-tinged guitars, lush soundscapes and general glowing presence could easily lead one to believe that have dug up a lost disco gem from the 1970s. However, behind the disco-pop gleam lies eerie dystopian sci-fi ruminations of a futuristic bent and tones that can often feel as French as they do Asian or African. This sort of cross-continental exploration is an expansion on BVO s previous two EPs, the man behind the Organisation, Adrien Durand, says. -I tried to continue the musical expedition between dystopian Science-Fiction Haunted Africa - plus Haitian Vaudou on -Soleil Dieu- - and futuristic Asia. Addressing, in a double entendre manner, some of the political issues that I am sensitive to.- In fact the jungle in question in the album s title is a metaphorical one and one that creates a vast series of environments for Durand to explore such subjects as world trade, utopian ideals and themes of idols, as well as of time and communication. However, one will need to speak French to decipher such explorations, as well as shake off the natural impulse to move with every glorious beat on its 13 tracks, of which are moved along by Maud Nadal and Agathe Bonitzer s golden vocals.

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