Lucien & The Kimono - ORCHESTRA HORIZON

Lucien & The Kimono


12" Vinyl FR

Cracki Records / CRACKI039

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With their new Horizon EP, Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra open a music box which transports you in a blue and dawnish atmosphere, a morning spent on walking in an old cinematic Paris. First step in the eighties, Connection starts as a film opening. Then arrives the single, Fresh Start, full of indelible voices and gimmicks. Horizon, sung in French, is a delicate reference to the French songwriting tradition inherited from Michel Berger, Alain Chamfort or Alain Souchon. To get some breath back between two songs, Georges, offers a strong instrumental interlude. Almost at the end, the English-spoken Shell extends the panel of influences with its downtempo emotion. With its spontaneous declamations and slick guitar riff, Asile closes the journey, as the splendid climax of the foursomes second EP.
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