Fabrizio Rat - L ISOLA EP

Fabrizio Rat


12" Vinyl ( / ) D

Odd Even / EVENODD002

Front View : Fabrizio Rat - L ISOLA EP - Odd Even / EVENODD002
Back View : Fabrizio Rat - L ISOLA EP - Odd Even / EVENODD002

Stand out acidicted 6 tracker by exemptional musican Fabrizio Rat. Two different worlds joining each other for an unbelievable and profoundly listening experience. The classic piano – played with Fabrizios right hand and the TB-303 and other analogue machines played by his left hand. He truly forms an hypnotic state of mind for the listener. No more words here, just listen please! Outstanding conceptcover, shrinked and high quality pressing. Cut and mastering by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering. Artwork by Markus Suckut and Cover Picture by Salar Kheradpejouh. Manufactured by MATTER OF FACT.

“Take a piano, the classic and romantic instrument par excellence, and project it into the hypnotic and powerful soundscape of techno music “ . . . “ I want to play like these machines that I love, to translate their exactitude and imperfection with my human nature, to open up new paths, and play with our errors. The repetition process let me enter another dimension, a state of trance where the physical effort disappear, and control is not necessary any more, I just need to be carried away by sound, with a bit of luck. “ – Farbizio Rat [Release Note from Label]

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