V/A  - NAIF 08

V/A (Steve Bicknell, Phillip Sollmann, KUF, Autolyse)


12" Vinyl D

Naif / Naif08

Front View : V/A (Steve Bicknell, Phillip Sollmann, KUF, Autolyse) - NAIF 08 (VINYL ONLY) - Naif / Naif08
Back View : V/A (Steve Bicknell, Phillip Sollmann, KUF, Autolyse) - NAIF 08 (VINYL ONLY) - Naif / Naif08

Naf 008 opens a series of five EPs that will be released around the release of the DJ-Mix-CD also named naif which has its release in April 2018 The first strike comes with two blinding Techno tracks: Running man is a contribution by the Gentleman of Techno Steve Bicknell. The other comes from the young swedish Producer that goes by the name of KUF and who is part of the Arsenik Crew. Besides that we find two compositions by Phillip Sollmann himself that show his abstract and experimental Approach. While Aliasing Bells is a texture of sampled tibetan bells Tag3 by his side-project Autolyse is a jam on a light-sensor-controlled custom-made synth. Perfect for layering on top of a mix. After more then three years of silence as a producer, Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann returns with a striking hybrid concept that merges the album format with the continuous DJ mix format, presenting completely new material in a seamless manner. The CD-mix, named Naif, officially reinstates his label of the same name and is a sprawling tour of inner space featuring 19 distinct tracks from fellow producers along with an additional ten that feature Efdemin himself (either as soloist or collaborator). The release condenses his decade-long DJ-ing journey and evolution as a producer into a single potent elixir of contemporary techno. Naf consists of completely unreleased material from both himself and valued collaborators, all of which will eventually manifest as EP releases: five on his own Naf label and two more on Curle.

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