Anetha / Cadency - ACID SCIENCE

Anetha / Cadency


12" Vinyl NL

Oaks / OAKS06RP2

Front View : Anetha / Cadency - ACID SCIENCE - Oaks / OAKS06RP2
Back View : Anetha / Cadency - ACID SCIENCE - Oaks / OAKS06RP2

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Although this is a brand new contemporary record. Every single time I play it brings me 20 years back, as if it would belong to another era. Reminding me those times when we used to live for the music. When the outfits were colorful and flashy. When E was the only god we believed in. When the rave or the club were the places, where you were who you wanted to be and accepted as it. Where you found love, friends and yourself. Creating a new reality from which, we never wanted to leave.

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