Sir Lord Commix - RETROACTIVE

Sir Lord Commix


12" Vinyl UK

R-Time Records / RTM001

Front View : Sir Lord Commix - RETROACTIVE (PART ONE) - R-Time Records / RTM001
Back View : Sir Lord Commix - RETROACTIVE (PART ONE) - R-Time Records / RTM001

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Rekids launch re-issue label entitled R-Time Records with four timeless tracks from Sir Lord Comixx. Having established a handful of renowned imprints such as Rekids, Pyramids Of Mars, Cabin Fever and The Double R, Matt Edwards new venture aims to shine a light on classic tracks that didn t always get the recognition they deserve. Amoon Sir Lord Comixx and I go back a long way and we met through our friend Justin Isonoe in the early 90s,” says Matt Edwards. “I was still living in Catford and would regularly drive over to Justin s studio where he d play me all this crazy, otherworldly music from Amoon and it blew my mind I was completely captivated by his unique take on techno. At the time I had no idea that we grew up in the same neighbourhood and Amoon was living just around the corner so, of course, we hooked up and in 1996 I released an EP from him including one of his classics UR My Omen on my Hard Up label.” Composed of four tracks from separate releases, Retroactive (Part One) inaugurates with 1 4 The Groove from Sir Lord Comixx s Danceteria EP on Ugly Music. Produced in 96, the track s raw aesthetic features sharp percussion, heady melodies and a compelling groove. Meanwhile, Enemax - which appeared on 1A Records demonstrates throbbing synths and shuffling drums. Originally produced under his a.Moon moniker in 98, Funk Box is the most robust track on the package with its thudding kicks and assortment of meandering sounds, before the Azid Jazz provides a deep and funky finale.

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