Os Mutantes - TECNICOLOR

Os Mutantes


12" Vinyl BE

Polysom / 332391

Front View : Os Mutantes - TECNICOLOR (180G LP) - Polysom / 332391
Back View : Os Mutantes - TECNICOLOR (180G LP) - Polysom / 332391

A legendary album! This previously unreleased album by Os Mutantes was supposed to be their breakthrough album to an English speaking market but for years its only been talked about in hushed whispers, and has only been heard by a lucky few! The record was recorded in Paris in 1970 and its ALL IN ENGLISH! (Not that were biased against Portuguese, mind you but since were English speakers, its kind of a nice thing to have a record that we can understand!) The record features a number of tunes from the Mutantes first two albums redone here with translated lyrics, and in a compressed pop style thats a bit smoother than the original albums, but still very nice! In fact, the records a sophisticated pop statement that would have stood well in the company of many of the best of 1970s rock elite had the boneheads at Philips actually decided to release the record! No use crying over spilled milk, though because the albums out now, and its filled with loads of nice tracks like -Panis Et Circensis-, -Batmacumba-, -Tecnicolor-, -El Justiciero-, -Im Sorry Baby-, -Saravah-, and a sublime reading of -Baby-, a track that was virtually the manifesto for Tropicalia!

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