Hamid, Octad, Dhaze & Phiorio, Gabriele - POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION


12 Inch

Metroline Limited / MLTD091

Front View : Hamid, Octad, Dhaze & Phiorio, Gabriele - POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION - Metroline Limited / MLTD091
Back View : Hamid, Octad, Dhaze & Phiorio, Gabriele - POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION - Metroline Limited / MLTD091

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First Ever Various Artists Release On Metroline Limited - Hamid Released Mentalo Disco On Metroline In 2010 And Dhaze Subatomic Pussy In 2015

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It’s quite funny that it took 11 years for us over at Metroline Limited to release an EP with tracks from different artists (at least on vinyl that is) but hey, good things go to those of wait so the wait is finally over! For our first Positive Contribution we gathered Metroline Limited friends and label owners and put together a tasty four tracker that focusses on the deep and minimalistic end of house music. Hamid went a long way since his debut EP on Metroline in 2010. The Berlin based French producer has since released on influential labels such as his own H+, Nervmusic, Minibar as well as becoming a regular figure in clubs all around Europe. His track Unterdrücken starts off the EP in style with his bleeps, squelchy acid b-line, pads and crisp drums. Octad takes control and the second half of the A side and it’s yet another display of his amazing production skills. The man behind the mastering of each single Metroline release to date knows very well how to get the best sound out of his tracks! And what a bassline he’s come up with for Checkmated! Dhaze and Phiorio have been collaborating for a while swapping remixes and musical ideas. NT is one the finest results from these music exchanges. Deep and rolling, the track has a monster groove, lush pads and dubbed out elements. Last but not least we have another long time friend of the label, Gabriele Mancino. His Cheddar, Lion and Lamb pays tribute both to a London trip and old Perlon releases when groovy and reduced house music was gracing most of the records on the pioneering house label. An ultra-groovy and playful minimal house number with funk and style!
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