Phase Fatale - REDEEMER

Phase Fatale


12" Vinyl D

Hospital Productions / HOS 578

Front View : Phase Fatale - REDEEMER (EXTENDED MIXES) - Hospital Productions / HOS 578
Back View : Phase Fatale - REDEEMER (EXTENDED MIXES) - Hospital Productions / HOS 578

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The extended mixes single of Phase Fatale s debut full-length album on Hospital Productions takes three of the most dancefloor-ready songs from Redeemer into abstracted, surreal and uncharted territory aimed for unlit, claustrophobic chambers. Aided by Silent Servant with additional production, together Hayden Payne and Juan Mendez transform -Order Of Severity,- -Operate Within,- and -Spoken Ashes- further down the machine. With more percussion and editing, they tear apart and lengthen the tracks through temporal space. The Redeemer (Extended Mixes) 12- will be released simultaneously alongside the full-length album, adding yet another dimension into Payne s own universe of the degenerated present.

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