Etapp Kyle - ALPHA


12 Inch

Ostgut Ton / O-Ton 107

Front View : Etapp Kyle - ALPHA - Ostgut Ton / O-Ton 107
Back View : Etapp Kyle - ALPHA - Ostgut Ton / O-Ton 107

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It goes without saying that space has always been central to Techno – both in terms of its cosmic and futuristic trajectory, as well as in the spatial dimensions of sonic elements. Etapp Kyle’s first full Ostgut Ton EP release sees the Ukrainian-born, Berlin- based Berghain resident emphasizing the connection between the two, while avoiding Techno’s overt intergalactic clichés. By partially linking to his Continuum EP (Unterton, 2016), the results are four tracks of pristine, sci-fi minimalism, propelled by Ambient synths and percussive explosions in distant skies – more utopian than dystopian. Opener “Alpha” establishes the cosmic theme from the get go, with chord swells and a whirring, phasing spacewind panning across the stereo image. While a subdued kickdrum gets things started, it’s the rhythmic interplay between dynamic high-hats and halled-out rimshots that guide the track through space. From there, “Quantum” on A2 strips the voyage down to a glowing, unwavering arpeggiated synth line, interspersed with twisted, high-pitched bells and updated 909- esque snare patters.

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