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Sublunar / SUBL001

Front View : Ladan - SECTION - Sublunar / SUBL001
Back View : Ladan - SECTION - Sublunar / SUBL001

Sublunar is glad to introduce their new release. Following the trilogy signed by one of the two founders of the label, Sciahri, it is now time for a new artist’s debut. Ladan, young Iranian producer at her first release, presents “Section”, a record made of 5 carefully selected tracks that range from bass-driving techno to sharp experimental excursions.

The EP's opening piece is 'Spectres', characterised by an increasingly deep, disquieting atmosphere. The body of the piece is stroked occasionally by metallic elements which make the whole sonic spectrum resonate.
On the same side we find 'Zone.2', an elegant, propelling techno piece painted with a similar colour palette of the previous piece.
The B side starts with 'Rebound', where hypnotic, overlapping melodies and broken rhythms entwine in an enveloping, uplifting musical development.
We also get a glimpse of Ladan's fierceness with 'Fault Line', an outburst of stomping, plastic rhythms sculpted synthetically, followed by 'Knives', a razor-sharp groove that creeps under the listener's skin. [info from tv]
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