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12" Vinyl D

Gigolo Records / Gigolo309V

Front View : DJ Hell - ANYTHING, ANYTIME (SOLOMUN REMIX) - Gigolo Records / Gigolo309V
Back View : DJ Hell - ANYTHING, ANYTIME (SOLOMUN REMIX) - Gigolo Records / Gigolo309V

Amazing S O L O M U N Remix

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Left for top, right for bottom, colours for every piquant taste your deepest thoughts dare to divulge; your hankie tells tales, and orange tells the most. Anything, anytime, nothing is left off the table. An open invitation to explore and excite. Looking for a ride?
This is the story behind the third single and opening track from DJ Hell’s critically-acclaimed fifth album Zukunfstmusik, ‘Anything, Anytime’ pays homage to the handkerchief code, a unique flagging practice most popular during the most critical creative explosion of club music.
Barbed, delicate, bittersweet and introspective, the 14-minute track’s softness and gradual sense of piano-laced theatre carries certain shades of a love song. In many ways, it is…. There’s love in a brute sense. Physical openness in its most honest and forthright form. But there’s also a sense of romance for the most sensational outburst of hedonism and pleasure that dancefloor music ever experienced - the 70s gay movement wherein major metropolises throbbed awoke and boundaries and barriers were challenged and shattered every night.
These lightning strikes of illicit freedom, carnal energy and momentary abandonment are the deepest seeds of all forms of electronic music; sentiments that echo throughout Hell’s unhurried, unrestrained salvo. Percussive connotations of leather, the cavernous reverb conjuring open industrial spaces such as you might find in New York City’s meatpacking district at the time. The palpitating heartbeat, occasional flashes of sense-blurring giddy physical fizz… Up above, down below, choose your colour; while many love songs are babymakers, ‘Anything, Anytime’ is much more of a bed breaker.
While the original wears orange with pride, the remixes wear their own colours. The first of two remix packages, both Solomun and Argy come at Hell’s original from contrasting sides. Solomun’s is a light blue. The molten bass and slinky electro breakbeats creating a sensual, slippery experience that could lead to absolutely anything, it writhes and continually pleasures with every twist and turn. Argy’s, meanwhile, is bold jet black. Dominant, intense and unrelenting. It’s ‘straight outta hell’ by-line fulfilled with every sweaty arpeggiated peak and vivid flashing strobes, this is visceral, sweaty techno and there’s no release without the safeword.
Two more remixes will follow imminently while the original comes complete with its own stark visual representation. In keeping with Hell’s use of Tom Of Finland’s cult visuals on the artwork of the album’s first single ‘I Want U’, ‘Anything, Anytime’ continues to reference seminal cultural documents of the era. This time with its video; a stylised and provocative, black and white piece that riffs on the ground-breaking 1980 Al Pacino movie Cruising. An exploration of the iconography and stark fashion that visually represented progression, a celebration of overt sexuality but also a sense of restraint and composure… The calm before any storm your handkerchief may cause. Let’s go cruising…
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