Greenbeam & Leon - ABANDONED TALES

Greenbeam & Leon


12" Vinyl full cover D

Wavereform / WRF009

Front View : Greenbeam & Leon - ABANDONED TALES - Wavereform / WRF009
Back View : Greenbeam & Leon - ABANDONED TALES - Wavereform / WRF009

After the releases from Qindek and Snitch, the Abandoned Tales EP is a perfect addition to the Wavereform catalogue, as well as marking yet another development in Greenbeam & Leon’s storied career.

Georgian duo Greenbeam & Leon have been exploring the creative potential within techno and electronic music as a whole since 2002. In the 15 years that have passed since, their productions have appeared on some of the key outposts in the netlabel scene (such as Unfoundsound, Minibus and igloo-rec) as well reaching more established labels such as Lessizmore and Splitsound. As Autumn Tree they have branched out into more experimental, home listening fare, but as Greenbeam & Leon they remain focused on the dancefloor.

That focus charges forth on “Tale VI”, the opening track on their first release for Wavereform. Aimed squarely at the peak of the night, this is darkside techno of the highest order, propelled by rippling kick drums and nervous high frequency blips engineered for the maximum possible psychoactive effect. “Tale VII” follows a similar path into bleak surroundings, but rather than the hi-octane rush of “Tale VI” Greenbeam & Leon use restraint to create a sinister experience peppered with uneasy samples and sound design. “Tale VIII” rounds the EP off with a tough, minimalist approach that places the percussion at the front of the mix and uses the full run time of the track to slowly build up the pressure as an orchestral drone swells in the background.
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