Strahinja Arbutina - FOX VENOM

Strahinja Arbutina


12" Vinyl UK

Bliq / Bliq16

Front View : Strahinja Arbutina - FOX VENOM - Bliq / Bliq16
Back View : Strahinja Arbutina - FOX VENOM - Bliq / Bliq16

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Having emerged from the murky waters of the tape scene on Always Human and Summer Isle, Strahinja Arbutina follows up on a first 12- for BANK Records NYC with this sterling sure shot for the excellent Bliq label. There s a range of styles displayed across Fox Venom, but the tracks are held together by the immersive, droning atmospheres that linger in the background of the productions. -Fox Venom- lurches under a heavy cloud like the best subterranean techno should, while -Teabagging Mystery- gets locked into a deathly minimal groove. This is music for the graveyard shift, although Deemonlover s -So Solid Mix- of -Fox Venom- does inject some wild breakbeat action into the gothic surroundings

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