12" Vinyl FR

Cosmic Club / CCC-517

Front View : Photonz - MEMORIES OF BURMA - Cosmic Club / CCC-517
Back View : Photonz - MEMORIES OF BURMA - Cosmic Club / CCC-517

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Cosmic Club 17s in the house, and for this one Skylax have delved deep into the mystic universe of the ultra prolific photonz with a four track EP quite simply out of this dimension ! Photonz is the artist name of Marco Rodrigues, a London-based DJ and producer who s been championing the new sound of Portuguese house and techno worldwide since the early 2000s. He has done tracks for various labels such as crème organization, unknown to the unknown, hot haus, the -cult- dissident and many more. His first cut -memories of burma- that gave the title to the ep is an infinite groove that builds and builds with arabic synths, a perfect crossover between balearic & old school jackin house. -Baronrevxp- & -agape- moves into the same territories with some sharp clap, hi hats and some big retro vintage sounds. While -stealth predator- catches him at his most experimental, upping the tempo and unleashing an ambitious techno juke roller, think about drexcya, 1990s techno, Plink Plonk and you re not even close ! Photonz music sounds extremely big for the big rooms, and still very large indeed for the smaller ones.His music is praised by The Chemical Brothers, Jackmaster, Optimo, Ivan Smagghe, Daniel Avery, James Holden, Ewan Pearson, Auntie Flo, Tim Sweeney, just to name a few. ”Memories of Burma” EP is not just a cosmic experience, but a voyage into the realms of a producer in a world of his own. Must have. Essential item. SKYLAX RECORDS 4 EVER

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