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Artcub Records / ARTC001

Front View : Qindek - TRAPPIST ONE EP - Artcub Records / ARTC001
Back View : Qindek - TRAPPIST ONE EP - Artcub Records / ARTC001

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ARTCUB RECORDS is an new open-minded Techno label created by Marco Gayo from France. The label will propose somes Deep to Raw Techno in his futures releases. Here the first work from the rising star of Nederlands: Qindek. Darko Esser was the man who pulled Qindek and gave him a shot at his own Wolfskuil-label to release music in vinyl. People like Laurent Garnier, Rolando, Norman Nodge, Ben Sims, DVS1, Pfirter, Benny Rodriguez (ROD), Sandrien and Âme incorporated Qindek’s release in their sets. TRAPPIST ONE EP is an attempt to create some of the emotions and state of minds while being on the ship towards our next Destination within this multiverse. Intergalactic Light Ensemble is traveling at lightspeed towards adventure, and midst of travel we Discover something unexplained. Waves and Waves is the contemplation of that moment. Alarma is a code red, losing our minds as we encounter a energyforce which has far greater powers than we ever imagined. How do we face such powers? Eon gives answer to such quations, as we progress into our creative awareness, and gaining new insights on how to manipulate energy.

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