Samuel L Session - IN THE DARK



Rhythm Cult / RCR004

Front View : Samuel L Session - IN THE DARK - Rhythm Cult / RCR004
Back View : Samuel L Session - IN THE DARK - Rhythm Cult / RCR004

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Limited Edition Hand Stamped 12 Vinyl - Some say techno s 4/4 owes its powerful majesty to our human heartbeat and its constant, uninterrupted pulse. - Some say the most magnificent and memorable dark skies on earth can be seen in Sweden, known as the Northern Lights: they may vary its shape, colour and intensity through time, but its presence in our imaginary stays untouched and seems always ready to captivate us again.As true techno lovers, our vinyl only constellation welcomes swedish legendary artist Samuel L. Session: in RC we ve always referred to Samuel s figure as the Aurora Borealis of techno: timeless, always evolving and majestic. In the dark plays 3 engaging, pushing and beat leading tracks: our most reliable 4/4 beat reference for those who enjoy getting lost dancing in the dark but don t want to lose the North.

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