Parker Madicine - VOICES & DRUMS EP

Parker Madicine


12" Vinyl D

Heist / Heist023

Front View : Parker Madicine - VOICES & DRUMS EP (180G, BYRON THE AQUARIUS) - Heist / Heist023
Back View : Parker Madicine - VOICES & DRUMS EP (180G, BYRON THE AQUARIUS) - Heist / Heist023

Slamming Deep House EP with Byron the Aquarius with a great jazzy remix.

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Were back from hibernation after releasing the third Roundup at the end of 2016 and were starting off with a new signing. Milan based Parker Madicine joins Heist with some high tech funk with a serious nod to the >D< and weve got Byron the Aquarius delivering a great jazzy remix. Youll be more likely to find Parker Madicine browsing through boxes of old jazz and soul records than you’ll see him showcasing his social media skills. He’s a real vinyl junky and moreover a hip hop fanatic and probably loves his synthesizers more than his mother. Apart from promoting funk and soul oriented parties in Milan, he founded CT-HI records, short for Contemporary Theories of Hip Hop Influences. A few years back he teamed up a.o. with his buddies Veez-O and Turbojazz to create some Dilla and early 90’s inspired hip hop and these influences are clearly present in his EP for Heist. With Heartbreaker, he lays down a dreamy but heavy groove for the first minute or so, arpeggiating its way to the moment where the airy pads make room for a looser than loose groove where synth stabs and bass line dance around each other creating a killer vibe. Zawinul starts in the same manner, rough kick, loose and degraded hi-hats and dreamy Rhodes chords. The tracks build further with some lovely brassy hits and arps, whereas Placebo is the most stripped back but high tempo track, where an airy and delayed bassline does most of the work to set the mood. We’re really happy to have Byron the Aquarius reworking one of PMs tracks. Hes been on a roll with his releases on Sound Signature, Wild Oats and recently remixed Max Graef on Ninja Tune. It was in Placebo where Byron found the most fruitful ground to showcase his magic on the keys [sales info from ]
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