Yaleesa Hall x Malin  - REMIXED

Yaleesa Hall x Malin


12" Vinyl NL

Will & Ink / WNK010

Front View : Yaleesa Hall x Malin  - REMIXED - Will & Ink / WNK010
Back View : Yaleesa Hall x Malin  - REMIXED - Will & Ink / WNK010

The esteemed Will & Ink imprint hits the mini milestone of a tenth release by inviting old and new associates to remix some of the label s still essential back catalogue. The results are as weird and wonderful as you would expect of a label that has always gone its own way. Mosca flips Second Lucas into something intense and brutal, with lashings of frazzled industrial synth sounds whipping about above pinging and high impact drums. Italian Chevel then transforms Third Lucas into five minutes of otherworldly machine made oddness. Livity Sound star Asusu comes with a typically hi fidelity re-work of Second Carol. Dubby and loopy, metallic and clean, it is a pristine track to get dance floors locked to a groove. And First Carol reworked by its original producers Yaleesa Hall and Malin, minimal dub with freaky sound design and the result is an earworm of a tune that burrows deep into your brain.

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