Modern Heads - THE OLD BEGGAR

Modern Heads


12" Vinyl D

Outis Music / Outis010

Front View : Modern Heads - THE OLD BEGGAR - Outis Music / Outis010
Back View : Modern Heads - THE OLD BEGGAR - Outis Music / Outis010

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Picking up where they left off three years ago, Modern Heads, the much-respected collaboration between Gianluca Meloni and Dino Sabatini, are back with a dynamic and intriguing four track EP. The duo go straight in here with the club-ready Athena. Throughout this track, tight percussive elements wind in and around one another, creating an ever-changing rhythm that you can only just hold onto. Under this, tense synths pulse away, producing an opaque and insular atmosphere. Next up, Eumaeus lightens the mood somewhat, providing clarity with a distinct opening drum pattern. This mood doesnt last long though, as indiscernible, haunting vocals begin to echo in the distance, gradually moving closer and further in the mix as sharp pads swoosh either side. Side B of the record opens with the deepest and longest track of the EP, Eurycleia. Simple yet unrelenting drums frame this hypnotic sci-fi episode, through which otherworldly screeches and rumbles reverberate over the twinkling sounds of machines. Eurycleias atmosphere continues straight into the final track, Laertes Theme. This beatless piece takes Eurycleias exploratory mood and extrapolates it over five and a half minutes, resulting in what feels like the perfect soundtrack to a glacial expedition in alien territory. As an EP this is a complete and coherent package, a perfect extension to Modern Heads previous work. The sound palette is familiar, yet refined, developed upon and taken further. The Old Beggar is undeniably worth the wait for anyone with a taste for the extraterrestrial.

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