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Dissonant / DS031

Front View : Marc Antona - UNRESTRICTED EP - Dissonant / DS031
Back View : Marc Antona - UNRESTRICTED EP - Dissonant / DS031

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Marc Antona has been always in the pursuit of new expressions within music as he has continually demonstrated with his work. Following the jazz-infused adventures of the Rattle Snaps EP, he finally returns to his own turf to lay down another crucial exploration of beat science. Hanging Gardens is a masterclass in immersive programming, fusing the natural feel of live drums with crisp electronic tones that hover in a spacious mix. Its the perfect angle at which to appreciate the subtlety of sound design that goes into every inch of Marc Antonas productions, teasing elements in and out of the mix so gracefully, its hard to tell where the joints are. The haunting touches of chords and lingering pad are deployed with poise, the intricate percussion progressively rising and falling throughout to create a truly immersive sonic journey. Where the A side deals with angular rhythms and a shape-shifting atmosphere, Unrestricted takes the sound palette of organic and electronic elements and feeds them into a rolling, technominded focus. The tribal thrum of the beat fills out an in-the room-ambience while the psychoactive synth flurries speak out the pulse of the machines. Its a combination that makes Unrestricted as intimate as it is exotic. In combining these disparate feelings within his tracks, Antona once again brings a human feel to the technology, pushing the music into exciting new realms in the process.

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