Louie Vega Starring Anane Vega - HEAVEN KNOWS


12" UK

Vega Records / VR166

Front View : Louie Vega Starring Anane Vega - HEAVEN KNOWS (INC. JOSH MILAN & LOUIE VEGA REMIXES - Vega Records / VR166
Back View : Louie Vega Starring Anane Vega - HEAVEN KNOWS (INC. JOSH MILAN & LOUIE VEGA REMIXES - Vega Records / VR166

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Every so often a piece of music is created that not only speaks to your soul with its lyrics but also moves your body with its rhythm.... Louie Vega Starring Anane Vega HEAVEN KNOWS with Remixes by Josh Milan and Louie is exactly that piece of music. Vega continues to apply the cardinal elements necessary for truly timeless music that offers something for everyone rightfully earning him the title as one of THE KINGS OF HOUSE MUSIC.

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The powerful yet intimate voice of Ananè Vega, the perfectly arranged beats and the musicianship of Josh Milan (on the Honeycomb mix) as well as Hajime Yoshisawa (on wurlitzer) & Axel Tosca (keyboards on the Louie Vega Mix), along with beautifully written lyrics by Milan are the positively uplifting elements within "HEAVEN KNOWS" that make this composition feel larger than life.

Ananè Vega's sultry voice floats over each and every melodic note with lyrics that inspire strength and a deeper meaning of love that transcends time and space.

HEAVEN KNOWS offers warmth for your soul and gives life on and off the dance floor. "I can dance on diamonds everyday... I choose to love with the words I say.... I’m the calm within your fears... LOVE is my voice softly in your ears..... Only Heaven Knows........" We invite you to close your eyes and allow the raw emotions coming through in Ananè Vega's smooth & flawless delivery to wash over you as HEAVEN KNOWS wraps itself around your entire being with the truest sentiment of love.

Josh Milan and Louie Vega each explore the intense strength of Ananè Vega's multifaceted range, as well filling the production with the heart & melody in their remixes. Josh Milan being the man who can make instruments bend to his will presents a mix that enhances each and every heavenly note Ananè sings. Organ solos also included in the Honeycomb mix, and a driving bassline that can rock a dance floor into a frenzy of motion. Louie’s mix offers that percussion drive compounded with a groovy baseline (courtesy of Gene Perez), and jazz chords which are played by Axel Tosca making Heaven Knows seriously exceptional.

The unreleased solo mix is a version over 8 minutes, collaborator Hajime Yoshisawa (Kyoto Jazz Massive piano player) takes the seat and tells a wonderful story with the original Wurlitzer, recorded in Tokyo during the Red Bull Music Academy courtesy of Carl Craig while Louie was on tour in Asia.

Louie Vega Starring Ananè Vega "HEAVEN KNOWS" with Remixes by Josh Milan and Louie Vega is the perfect expression of LOVE through the music that gives us strength and inspiration..... This is HOUSE MUSIC at its finest. [txt from ]
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