Homepark - LOST IN DAYS EP



12" Vinyl UK

Fina / Fina022

Front View : Homepark - LOST IN DAYS EP - Fina / Fina022
Back View : Homepark - LOST IN DAYS EP - Fina / Fina022

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Quality house label FINA Records are back with their next carefully curated EP of 2016. This one comes from the choice house duo of Rob Glassett and Sam Fussell aka Homepark, who serve up four more of their finely crafted cuts. Over the last six years, Homepark have slowly but surely built up a classy discography that takes in smooth and seductive deep house that has real drive. It has come on labels like Ornate Music and Chez Damiers Courtesy Of Balance Recordings, and always marries a classic sense of house history with fresh new perspectives for both head and heel.

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This latest EP kicks off with ‘RFMS,’ an immediately atmospheric track with shakers, rubbery drums and smeared synths all making for a fulsome groove. Some choice vocals help elevate things to a higher level and the whole thing exudes real warmth as it effortlessly glides along. If that was a more peak time offering, ’Lost In Days’ is much less direct and hurried: it encourages you to wallow in the encircling and spiritual synths that spread out all around you as whispered female sounds add real soul.

The widescreen, dubby house vibes continue on ’16 Sessions’ with its firefly-like synths squiggling about above a gurgling FM bassline and crisp claps. Again with an exquisite sense of electronic soul, the whole EP gets rounded out with the rueful and far-gazing ‘Endings.’ Globular synths step up and down the scale, thin pads add a glow of white light and fresh drum programming and fingers clicks really help get you on your toes and swinging those hips. All in all, this is a timeless house EP that reaches heartwarming depths whilst also keeping one foot well and truly on the ‘floor [txt from ]
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