Klaudia Gawlas - VISION

Klaudia Gawlas


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Credo / Credo38CD

Front View : Klaudia Gawlas - VISION (CD) - Credo / Credo38CD
Back View : Klaudia Gawlas - VISION (CD) - Credo / Credo38CD

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Time will tell. True words reflecting the artistic and mainly personal metamorphosis Klaudia Gawlas has gone through in recent years. The result is her second album “Vision” in which she approaches a place she calls home in a musical context. The energetic but at the same time deeper and more sophisticated sound of „Vision“ is proof the she has taken a big step towards reaching the artistic level her true inner self has been striving for. As so often in life a strong vision leads to a very pure form of motivation, which finally turns wishful thinking into action. Vision is a straight statement and commitment to the roots of techno. Something that matches pretty well what Klaudia Gawlas is known to stand for. Vision. 11 Tracks, released on CD

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