Estroe / MBC / Alexis Tyrel


12" Vinyl NL

Lessismore / LM02

Front View : Estroe / MBC / Alexis Tyrel - LESSISMORE BUT MINIMAL IS TOO MUCH - Lessismore / LM02
Back View : Estroe / MBC / Alexis Tyrel - LESSISMORE BUT MINIMAL IS TOO MUCH - Lessismore / LM02

Lessismore (formerly Lessismorecordings) was launched 10 years ago, and has been on hold for a few years. At the time the transition from vinyl to digital didn’t feel right and now that the vinyl market is coming up again the love and faith to release a beautiful product (vinyl with cool artwork) is back. This 10 year anniversary is a good reason to revive from hibernation state and to start sharing great music again. The first few releases from the relaunch will represent re-releases of the strongest EP’s from the back catalogue with remixes by respected artists.

The Alexis Tyrel remix of Estroe's Taxotere has a palpable energy which comes from the masterful fusion of pounding kicks and luminous synth stabs that swell and bulge out through the mix like bright flashes of summer lightning.

The Advent remix of MBC's Zeitlupe starts with a galloping synth that builds in intensity. Just as one is lulled into a "false feel" of the track, the synth part transforms into the syncopated groove of the original version. The track fluctuates between both patterns periodically. With several intriguing modifications of the main sound throughout, and with a pacey aggression, this track is both fierce and deep.

Gideon also remixes Zeitlupe and in his version the intensity is increased a little more. The main groove is prevalent again which drives this remix. However, the real profound sections are where the beat breaks down and yields to the resonantly electrifying lead synth which consumes all in its path. Conspicuously powerful and driving.

Once more on remix duties, this time Gideon interprets Alexis Tyrel's H for Hustler. Rhythm and percussion based, it exemplifies Lessismore's ethic - it is both fundamental and bold. Strong and steady machine like beats push the track along relentlessly while industrial scrapes grind away on top. The "Hustler" sample is sporadically placed but is still used enough to give a hypnotic feel to its use.

The original version of H for Hustler by Alexis Tyrel focuses on the basic elements that are at the core of timeless dance classics. The captivating and hypnotizing beat powers its way throughout. The "Hustler" sample is used rhythmically to great effect while the perfectly aimed machine-gun snares find their mark and are perfectly positioned to hold attention and build atmosphere where needed. [info from tv]
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