VA (Pfirter, AVION, Doka, Stefan Rein)


12" Vinyl D

Crossing / Crossing007

Front View : VA (Pfirter, AVION, Doka, Stefan Rein)  - CROSSING 007 - Crossing / Crossing007
Back View : VA (Pfirter, AVION, Doka, Stefan Rein)  - CROSSING 007 - Crossing / Crossing007

Crossing returns with cracking and dreamy Techno from Pfirter, AVION, Doka and Stefan Rein. The label from AVION strikes with its 7th installment releasing a package of 4 new techno slices from different producers showing what Crossing stands for. The release starts with ‘Sut‘ a Track from the Argentinian producer Pfirter which creates an outer atmosphere with its pad, surrounding percussions and space running frequencies carried by this straight deep Bass Drum. A Beauty. AVION doesn’t take any captives and kicks the floor with a never ending trip of industrial percussions, noises, a heavy drum and a groove that will grab and never leave you. An explosive Killer. For Doka time is running in a different way. His ‘Mural‘ comes with a melancholic bassline and rhythmic drum work to bring this imaginery painting from the wall into notes. Surreal but true Techno. Stefan Rein is closing the release with a bang. The ‘Amorphous Material‘ will never get tired and brings with metallic snares, hats and rides a kick’in weapon which includes a synth pad that will give you a smile in every moment you hear it. A clear definition of Techno and its madness.

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