Elektro Guzzi - CLONES

Elektro Guzzi


12" Vinyl lp D

Macro / Macrom49LP

Front View : Elektro Guzzi - CLONES (LP) - Macro / Macrom49LP
Back View : Elektro Guzzi - CLONES (LP) - Macro / Macrom49LP

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Literary all the Granny Smith apple trees grown today, from Uruguay to Hokaido, are CLONES from Mrs. Smith’s original tree in Sydney. Bananas, oranges, watermelons, garlic & other fruits of daily delight are routinely replicated without any input of external ideas - i.e., they are cloned. There is no general ethical or aesthetic decision to be formed about CLONES, since you have already imbibed them ever since your first bite. Thus, you are not in a neutral or otherwise preliminary position, but already involved, kneedeep.

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