Exercise One - TIMETRAP EP

Exercise One


12" Vinyl D

Exone / Exone23

Front View : Exercise One - TIMETRAP EP - Exone / Exone23
Back View : Exercise One - TIMETRAP EP - Exone / Exone23

Berlins cult techno duo Exercise One release their newest 12inch featuring 3 tracks. One track reminiscent of the past, one track gazing at the future and a time defying remix by Locked Groove.Timetrap has always been the dark horse of Exercise Ones back catalog, so they decided to go back to the original idea of the track and see where they could take it. A few sessions later their ears were happy and timetrap 2016 was born. The staccato groove and eerie hook of the original now live in a much more powerful and demanding surrounding. Exactly what they where looking for.

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To take the idea one step further they asked prolific producer Locked Groove, a fan of the original on Wagon Repair, to rework the track and they received a gem in return. His lush, trippy remix takes a totally different path, meandering around a perfect balance of melody and seductive rhythmics that have made him such a sought-after producer. ‘502 last sequence’ is the newest creation of Exercise One and nicely rounds out the release. Slightly rougher and darker, the track perfectly displays where the duo’s heart is at currently. A track built on genuine machine love, the Handwerk Audio studio has again left its mark on their output…not surprisingly. [txt from ]
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