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Dark Matters / DM004T

Front View : Amirali - CHROMATIC DREAMS EP - Dark Matters / DM004T
Back View : Amirali - CHROMATIC DREAMS EP - Dark Matters / DM004T

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Dark Matters is proud to announce its fourth release, Chromatic Dreams, courtesy of label boss Amirali. With his avant-garde concoction of electronica, techno and house, the EP is constructed of two original tracks and one remix courtesy of Midnight Operator, the duo made up of Mathew Jonson and his brother, Nathan. This is Amiralis first sonic exercise on the label since the debut release, Fearful Stay.

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The first track on the compilation "Chromatic Dreams" is skilfully executed, keeping the dark and psychedelic vibe that Dark Matters is becoming known for. It has dreamy vocals that echo with 80's synth and a drum pattern that is reminiscent of techno. The breakdown creates a whirlpool of different associations, the depth of the bass and stutter of the overlaying synths is a mesmerising mixture.

“Maladaptive Lover" is built on synth melodies that give the track a spacey vibe. David Bowie played a big part in Amirali's creative inspiration, this track is an eccentric ode to the space man, a modern and dark underground pop interpretation of Bowie's influences, the eccentric, the dreamy and the avant-garde.

Midnight Operator's remix of "Maladaptive Lover" reinvents the track, the most dance-floor ready cut of the EP. The dreamy energy, although maintained in the synth patterns is now much more intense. The melody drives forward and doesn't linger in self contemplation as Amirali's original tracks do. The vocals soar through the machine bleeps and faltering high end, tumbling into a crescendo.

The Dark Matters imprint is a cohesive experience where the weird and unusual is encouraged, aiming to push people to the edge of their comfort zones and keep them there. Aiming to stand out, this EP fits perfectly into the evolving compilation of releases from Dark Matters.

Chromatic Dreams is a tale about a soul who is trying to escape from a life he is currently living in; a psyche who is far from the place he prefers to be. The relationship between him and his life has lead him into a beautiful chaotic state.

The video is now live on Nowness:

In this state, the fine line that exists between love and hate has become more obscure as to create a non-harmonic dreamlike state. Hence Chromatic Dreams refers to a twisted story that is driven by both love and hate, and is comprised of both actual and imaginary events. Amirali May 2016

DJ Support:

Jody Wisternoff
Kevin McKay
AME / Kristian
Orde Meikle slam
Anthony Pappa
ali schwarz / tiefschwarz
Nic Fanciulli
James Teej
Danny Howells
steve mac
sister bliss
Mano Le Tough
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