Mannella / Blawan - EP 1002

Mannella / Blawan

EP 1002

12" Vinyl UK

JT Series / JTS002

Front View : Mannella / Blawan - EP 1002 - JT Series / JTS002
Back View : Mannella / Blawan - EP 1002 - JT Series / JTS002

A surprising collaboration between Mannella and the UK Technos bearer - Blawan- that clearly establish a deep Techno-Space, where the quirky sounds are free to be developed and created. Right from the very first second of The Dark Breeze, which spreads a fluid, echoing and fickle synth, we can hear those fuzzy noises that Mannella loves to use. A perfect combo is given by the presence of intense drums, thorough pads and harped synths: a total head-trip that flows in the whole EP. Then, with I know you are a cheerful air gain the upper hand, leading it to be theperfect dance floor track. Even if is just the second release, its pretty explicit the aim that the label has come to play in music today.

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