Baertaub - RHIZOME EP

12" Vinyl D
Lumieres La Nuit / LLN005

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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LumièresLaNuit is glad to welcome Istanbul-based duo Bärtaub (Mutlu San & Batuhan Güler) for the 6th release of the label. As in most of the duos. each of the members has his speciality. Whereas Mutlu focuses primarely on the music production. Batu is known by Istanbuls house/techno aficionados as a restless DJ. Bärtaubs debut EP is called Rhizome (type of plant root) not without reason. Beats. melodies and bassline jump over. crawl under and draw apart from each other in unexpected and non-hierarchical ways. In the end. they all come together in a harmonious manner that creates an overall of excitingly playful forest-like atmosphere.
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