Ichisan & Nakova - EP

Ichisan & Nakova


12" Vinyl UK

Cosmic Pint Glass / CPG005

Front View : Ichisan & Nakova - EP - Cosmic Pint Glass / CPG005
Back View : Ichisan & Nakova - EP - Cosmic Pint Glass / CPG005

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Out of the depths of the Cosmic Pint comes a Disco release from the Alps of Slovenia. Complete with live bass guitars, sparkling arpeggios and swirling drifts of analogue equipment Ichisan and Nakova have constructed two┬ beautifully stripped back tracks that chug along like a golden steam engine fueled on Chanel No.5. With remixes by Ruf Dug and Jonathan Krisp.

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Igor 'Ichisan' Skafar and Jure 'Nakova' Plestenjak met up over 10 years through their mutual love of Scandinavian Nu-Disco, and over the past decade have been steadily carving out a new style of Yugo Disco.
Princesa makes its entrance with a playful rhythm. Before long the arpeggios come in giving an added sense of activity, it's only when the piano starts to play that the track takes on an air of elegance. Princesa is a warm, light hearted theme, in the vein of some of the Metro Area greats. The track itself seems to tell a story with changes of mood, excitement and drama.

Mrk has a sense of urgency from the outset. Synth chords stab a pathway, horns join in followed by keys. The intensity builds, filters open and then all of a sudden a different rhythm takes the lead opening up to sun scorched Balearic guitars. It's a beautiful journey.

Ruf Dug returns to the Cosmic Pint Glass, changing Princesa into a fantastic subtropical adventure. Opening up the proceedings with some distinctly steamy panpipes and an array of additional percussion. Ruf has a definitive style of his own and you can definitely hear it in this remix, perfectly marrying his tropical world styles┬ with the Yugo Disco, ensuring they live happily ever after.

All round gentleman and amateur parapsychologist, Jonathan Krisp steps up to the plate unveiling his mysticism drenched version of Mrk.
Dizzyingly layered chords start the cogs turning, wood blocks, spring reverb and chimes all help build the atmosphere. A church organ is used, like a medieval Todd Terje, flipping the track back into a Disco powered dance workout.

300 copies - screen-printed sleeve . [txt from ]
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