V/A (Matrixxmann, Mental Resonance, Benjamin Mull, Christian Lisco)


12" Vinyl D

Krill Music / KRL010.2

Front View : V/A (Matrixxmann, Mental Resonance, Benjamin Mull, Christian Lisco) - HABITAT PART IV - Krill Music / KRL010.2
Back View : V/A (Matrixxmann, Mental Resonance, Benjamin Mull, Christian Lisco) - HABITAT PART IV - Krill Music / KRL010.2

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After the Part III, the Part IV of Habitat series focuses all the energies on the next 4 track project where Matrixxman, Mental Resonance, Benjamin Mull and Christian Lisco are the protagonist of this highly flammable EP. Dark, acid, futuristic and rough elements blend together into something incredibly harmonious.

It's well into Autumn in Berlin and despite the advancing cold over the roofs and on the skin, the season promises to be explosive, like a firework in midsummer. After KRL009 - the Krill Music Remix Series Vol 1 released in early October, it's time for the Argentinian-Norwegian label - now based in Berlin - to present a new and exciting volume of the Habitat Series.
The last Habitat Krill Music Series release was in 2012. Now, after a constellation of artists have forged new paths and explored new horizons during the past three years, the label nostalgically revisits the past with a new Habitat Series Collection. This time, the series sees a superb four-fold vinyl package release of new works from new artists which demands close attention.
From Berlin to the US through Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, Norway, Netherlands and many more, 16 artists have created 16 tracks all (across 4 EPs), all with one common goal: to highlight uncompromising techno reflecting the musical quality of its protagonists.
Once again Krill Music takes command of the shuttle towards another sonic dimension, a complicated journey to the limits of sound where mesmerising melodies act like the songs of sirens, through obscure and dense jungle foliage where the sunlight is rare and the night reigns. So with seat-belts fastened, onto the latest release...

Part IV of this Series features:

Side A
A1: Matrixxman - Iron Curtain
A2: Mental Resonance - Rebellion

"The cool thing about the singularity is that it’s going to totally fuck shit up in the most beautiful sense possible," Matrixxman recently said in an interview. And this singularity is well expressed through "Iron Curtain": with this track the producer from San Francisco shows again his incredibly skill of recreating a groove intense, straight and mechanic from the latest sci-fi-leaning techno dimension to the dancefloor, like a dark and hypnotic machines invasion.

The A2 features the argentinian producer Mental Resonance, who delivers "Rebellion" a tune which not disappoint his title about magnitude and vitality. Indeed as a 'rebellious' track strong and aggressive rhythms bring the listener into an heavy and deep dimension with a solid impact on the dancefloor.

Side B
B1: Benjamin Mull - 0331
B2: Christian Lisco - 026

The flip side B1 is crafted by the hand of the swedish producer Benjamin Mull. "0331" Not just a number, this track is a real explosion of kicking tones into a straight deep space orbit. Techno to the nth power then, emphasized by a booming bass line into dense, colourful patterns.

Least but not last, from the "dirty" south Italy the analog-loving producer Christian Lisco have polished his gears for deliver "026" the ultimate his acid work. Here the excitement of the precedent three tunes of the EP goes down from the upper floors to the trippy, droning and jacking acid techno excursion into different and undiscovered places.

Krill Music will be back again soon, hitting on you with another hot chapter: the Habitat Series Part V. Stay tuned.
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