Ripperton, Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks - VARIOUS CHARACTERS EP

Ripperton, Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks


12" Vinyl BE

Character / Character004

Front View : Ripperton, Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks - VARIOUS CHARACTERS EP - Character / Character004
Back View : Ripperton, Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks - VARIOUS CHARACTERS EP - Character / Character004

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Nice Price Deal !!! After Three Stunning, Floor-fired Eps From The Label Boss Himself, Deetron Takes His Burgeoning Character Imprint To A Whole New Level Of Depth And Diversity With Old Friends And New.

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After three stunning, floor-fired EPs from the label boss himself, Deetron takes his burgeoning Character imprint to a whole new level of depth and diversity with old friends and new.

Ripperton takes the lead. Last spotted on Character on its inaugural outing alongside label bossman Deetron as Roots Panorama, he lays down an agelessly silky, star-lit groove that's progressive in its direction but soulful in its message thanks to some fine-tuned falsetto sprinkles. Complete with an equally luxurious instrumental, it's another example of Ripperton's own-league precision.

Dig deeper for three jazz-tinted adventures from longstanding musician, serial collaborator and serious soloist Carlos Nilmmns.

Collaboratively penned with his brother Niko Marks, 'Dark Ages' is a 3am whirlwind of blue lights and smoke machines. Perfectly positioned to be played in 1995, 2005 or 2015, it celebrates the most enduring elements of pure house music with deep, Detroit-focussed charm.

'A Beautiful Afternoon' follows, and reminds us of Carlos's 15 years pro musicianship stripes: Dusty, dreamy waves of pianos ebb and flow over a slim-line slinky percussive spine, rippling and reeling as woozy trumpets breeze in and out of the mix.

Finally Carlos rekindles his creative partnership with iconic 21st century poet and vocalist Keter Darker. Taking off where 'Universal Beauty' left us on Circus Company earlier this year, Carlos lays down a relentless jazz-licked jack while Keter's stern spoken word joins the dots, reminding us that the past is not so distant anymore... And the future needs to change.

Five tracks, a school of creative faces and lessons to be learnt; this EP documents a pivotal moment for Character. Essential listening [txt from ]
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