Max Graef Band - DOG

Max Graef Band


12" Vinyl lp + 7" Vinyl D

Money $ex / M$LP001

Front View : Max Graef Band - DOG (LP + 7 INCH) - Money $ex / M$LP001
Back View : Max Graef Band - DOG (LP + 7 INCH) - Money $ex / M$LP001

omes with empossed Cover and bomus 7 Inch Vinyl - Five guys jamming together, each throwing in funk-nuggets from a finely honed appreciation & a shared love of the good groove. This studio project was compiled from a free-wheeling desire to just team up and play together, see what happens... The holy trinity of Rhodes, Clav and live bass, all wrapped up in a heavyweight rhythm section has provided the backbone to over 50 years of ground-breaking and floor-shaking Black American music. The Max Graef Band project channels this energy with the tight efficiency of the Headhunters tag-teaming the New Power Generation, oh yeah - anyone expecting elbow patch, 6th form funk can think again, this is Mosquito’s Tweeter territory folks. From raw, P-Funkin jams to Punk-Funk workouts & freestyle Jazz flavours, DOG pays homage and wears its influences proudly, while bringing a fresh take on the foundation Funk that informs this collective’s own celebrated Sample-House revival. The vinyl LP comes with a bonus 7 inch included.

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